My name is Thetmar and I’m a licensed HAM radio amateur from Houten, a commuter town about 9 km southeast of Utrecht

From the moment I opened my eyes I’ve been interested in electronics. On my 8th birthday my parents bought me a 27mhz radio, and that’s when the HAM radio virus infected me. On my 11th birthday I bought my first real PLL controlled radio PLL, the President Lincoln!  With that radio I made many contacts throughout the world, and I wasd so lucky that in that year the sunspots were at the best.

Years later, I was cured from the HAM radio virus for some time, I was ready to go on vacation when a thought crossed my mind: “Maybe it would be nice to put that old President Lincoln in my car…”. And after that vacation I was again heavily infected with the HAM radio virus. I got so worse that I even got my official radio license, thanks to my teacher and pal: PA3GER.

Radio equipment

Icom 7000, LDG AT100Pro tuner, Microham interface III, all in one casing. On the right side of the case there’s a USB port for the Microham interface and a 12V connector for in-car use, and on the left side there are 2 HF connectors, 1 VHF connector and a 220V connector. In the case is a relay box. When I put in 220V the relay switches to take power from the 220V net. When there is no power from the 220V the relay switches back to 12Volt. This is in de NC position of the relay, so it is PLUG AND PLAY!

HAMCase1 HAMCase3 HAMCase2

In the winter of 201 I build my own 2 section antenna mast.
BuildingA2SectionAntennaMast 2SectionAntennaMast

With my dad I build a construction to attach a 7 section (2 meters each) antenna mast to my van, so I will be QRV on vacation, field days and festivals!